The best vacation for experienced adventurers

Where to go when you have already had your fair share of adventures and experiences? One of the options can be the Soca river, Slovenia. Kayaking, rafting, and canyoning are among the popular choices in this part of the small country, but there’s a wide variety of other options as well. What makes these experiences so unique is the natural surrounding of the river, which flows through a picturesque valley that will enhance the experience tenfold. It’s worth making a plan and traveling for a bit to reach the magnificent Soca river, Slovenia – kayaking and rafting offer completely new experiences, not necessarily on the rapids but also just floating down the river and admiring the views.

Convenient but entertaining

Experienced adventurers will need some comforts and expect an offer that will suit their needs. The Soca valley has several towns that will be perfect for this. It’s not hard to find the offer that tourists seek, with accommodation and transportation included, as well as all the equipment needed for all kinds of activities on the Soca river, Slovenia. Kayaking and rafting can be done solo, but you’ll still need a good starting point. Comfort and convenience will be advantageous even for the experienced adventurists.

Discover new activities

Try something new, maybe canyoning. Bovec, Slovenija, offers a wide variety of experiences in this regard. Of course, you might think that’s nothing new for you, but it’s impossible to discover everything at once with canyoning – Bovec, Slovenija, will show you new possibilities and unique experiences that you have never imagined possible! It all comes down to the location, that’s why you have to be careful when picking the spot for canyoning – Bovec, Slovenija, has some of the best canyons for this activity, it’s definitely worth checking out!

A promising tourist destination for adrenaline lovers

Is it worth traveling long distances just to find a spot that offers a unique experience for various adrenaline activities? Judging from the popularity of Slovenian tourist centers – yes! Slovenia has a big chunk of pristine natural surroundings dedicated to adrenaline sports and other activities in nature. The most popular destination is the Soca River valley that offers many water-based activities.

With canyoning, Soca River attracts the adventurous types. Canyoning is perfect for adventurers that don’t mind putting some work into their fun time. It is an activity full of obstacles and challenges, along with gorgeous views and impressive natural sights. Canyoning Soca River is a popular activity on offer in several towns on the river banks. It’s not hard to find an experienced guide that will ensure the best possible experience on the tour. For canyoning, Soca River offers great courses down the tributaries with impressive narrow gorges and other natural obstacles, while the river itself is reserved for rafters, kayakers, and other adventurers of this calibre.

And it’s especially Soca rafting Slovenia is known for. Rafting is the most popular service of local tourism operators. They offer guided group tours and equipment rental, but can adapt their offer to all possible inquiries. Many of the first-time visitors will want to try Soca rafting – Slovenia is thus a great place for budding adrenaline junkies that are prepared to get their toes wet. Just be careful – the river is quite cold even in summer, reaching maybe 15 degrees. It is supplied with water from the melting snow and it flows quickly without the opportunity to slow down and warm up. Luckily for Soca rafting, Slovenia is friendly to all the visitors – tourism operators offer full neoprene suits and other equipment for worry-free water activities!