A Whole Day Experience in Bovec

Rafting Soca

I have a suggestion for you! Spend the whole day in Bovec. Twenty-four hours of pure fun and enjoyment. Who could say no? Start the day by getting breakfast in one of the numerous restaurants. The typical Slovenian breakfast is bread with butter and honey, served with a cup of warm milk. Simple, but very delicious nonetheless.

After breakfast, when you still have enough energy, it is time to do some water sports. It is a good idea to do that around noon when it is still warm and sunny. Whether you choose rafting (Soca) or canyoning, Soca river will take care of the excitement. Try rafting, Soca is great for that – or maybe, have a try at canyoning, Soca river offers that as well. It does not actually matter. Rafting on Soca river as well as canyoning on Soca river is both equally fun.

You will surely be tired after that adventure. And hungry. Make sure you have a big Slovenian lunch in one of the local restaurants. Some cabbage and a sausage? Maybe a traditional Sunday lunch with beef soup, potatoes and a roast? Anything will do, as long as you do not forget dessert. After lunch, it is time for a relaxing walk through the landscape. It will be gorgeous to see the magnificent nature that surrounds Bovec. A visit to a beautiful waterfall, such as Boka or Virje, is certainly a good idea.

After a quick but delicious dinner, you will not have much more energy. Luckily, there is a number of hotels that are waiting to have you as a guest. Since you had so much fun today, you will probably want to spend another few days in Bovec anyway. You might as well book your hotel room for the whole week, there is much more to do.