Ideal options for activities on the Soca river

Rafting Soča

Some regions are ideally suited for all kinds of outdoor activities, which can definitely be said for the Soca valley in Slovenia. The river itself is a huge attraction and a source of pride for locals, but also a convenient ambient for various outdoor activities. Some are very attractive and popular, others are a bit less known and maybe even more interesting. For extra options, you can check out the potential of other spots in the valley as well!

The river is especially ideal for Rafting Soča offers a wide variety of experiences for rafters, thus being perfectly suited both for beginners and experienced adventurers. Some courses are designed for those that are looking for a scenic ride, while others lead down the rapids and drops for maximal fun. In every case, rafting Soča is one of the most recommended activities you can try in this region. The extra advantage is, that rafting Soča is also one of the most common features on offer at the local tourist agencies.

Other options are available as well, for example canyoning. Soca has some canyons, but is generally considered too wide and powerful for this kind of exploration. Fortunately for canyoning, Soca also has some tributaries that offer a much better experience of this kind. Some smaller streams have cut narrow canyons into the slopes of the valley, so you can expect a great experience when exploring them. This means you’ll have a great time canyoning Soca will offer a breath-taking ambient, and the services of the local tourist agencies will ensure everything is executed smoothly.

The Soca river is definitely one of the rivers with great potential for fun outdoor activities. Take advantage of the potential yourself and enjoy on your adventures!